Where To Buy Ranolazine Philippines; Acheter Find Ranolazine For Sale

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I've been taking Ranolazine for three months now to treat my chronic angina. I can't even say for sure how and when I developed this condition, just one day I realized that breathing was no longer that easy and comfortable for me as it used to be before. And even after that I thought it was kind of infection or something else. However soon there occurred new symptoms like severe chest pain and dry cough. Later I have undergone several screenings and tests and the doctor told me that it was a coronary artery disease, namely chronic angina. At that time these words meant little for me, but the doctor explained that the reason was in the reduced blood flow to the heart. Because of this malfunction I experience pain and discomfort especially when breathing cold or extremely humid air. So within latest five years I have tried out many medications aimed to simplify the life of those with chronic angina like me. But it is only Ranolazine that provides real relief and causes no side effects. All the other medication I have tried out before were either ineffective or created real problems for me for example high blood pressure, dizziness or numbness in my feet. That is unacceptable for me as I drive my car every day and have to stay concentrated. Ranolazine is great for me, it relieves the pain and makes my life much more pleasant and easy.

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